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Hour 6 without Tumblr

Beginning to see some signs of withdrawal.

EDIT: WAIT I WAS ABLE TO GET ONTO MY DASHBOARD! I wasn't able to post anything, but it's a start!


More Spitfire Sims Shenanigans!

 Well, since Tumblr is still down, I decided to make good use of my time by writing all the fics that I've been meaning to update
messing around with my Wally and Artemis Sims again! 
Spitfire Sims under the cut...Collapse )

Tumblr is down...

What am I supposed to do with my life right now????

What if it never comes back??

What if all of my friends and followers are just lost forever????

And what if I'm just a paranoid drama queen...

Hopefully it'll be back soon! 

This just in

My name is Melissa. Why does everyone insist on shortening my name to Mel??? 

I happen to really like my name, so let's keep it full length, shall we? Or call me Meliss. Okay? Okay. 


hometown glory

Driving around my hometown makes me feel super nostalgic for elementary school and memorial day parades and trick or treating and apple picking and going to church on Sundays and all the stuff that I no longer do...

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It really baffles me

It still really baffles me almost 4 years later that my parents are divorced. Like they both have significant others now and don't talk anymore, don't call each other babe, or hun, or all the little names I grew up hearing and sometimes it really tears me to pieces how everything fell apart in less than 6 months. And I was such a little daddy's girl until he went and ruined everything and I just don't understand how you could ever cheat on someone you've had 3 children with, that you've been married to for 20 years.

I don't understand and I never will and a part of me will always resent him for it.

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can you pay my bills?

I wish I could pay this month's rent with my credit card.

That's actually an awful idea but it would help me out a little bit...

Working hard for the money...

I really don't mind working in the restaurant business. It's really not as bad as I might make it sound when I'm complaining about it. My managers are clueless idiots, but the people I work with are awesome and just about my only friends in this city, and my customers are good to me.

You know what I think would be really fun? I would love to just travel to different countries and be a waitress. The UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Australia, South Africa, Canada, anywhere. I would love to do that and just experience all the different cultures and people.

Alas, that's not what I paid $200,000 for college for so it'll never really be a viable option...

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ICONS: Wally and Artemis

Preview of Icons to come: